Walt Disney held a premiere party for children and adults to kick off the new film ‘The Pirate Fairy,’ a new adventure for kids and adults to catch-up with Tinker Bell and her tiny friends. The film ties in many of the aspects found in Disney’s ‘Peter Pan,’ expanding the universe of Neverland and offering children a new look into the exciting magical world.
At the premiere were cast and crew of course, including Producer Jenni Magee-Cook, Director Peggy Holmes and even a life-sized version of Tinker Bell herself to great the children to promote the opening of the film. From pirate-jugglers to small cannons, Disney of course had kids laughing and smiling as they trotted into the theater to be some of the first to see the new adventure.

The entire cast-list reads like a Hollywood party, though all of them could not make it to the premiere. Some top-names lending their voices to the film that couldn’t attend are Tom Hiddleston as the voice of Captain Hook, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale as the voice of Periwinkle, Anjelica Huston who took-on the role of Queen Clarion, Lucy Liu as Silvermist and Raven-Symoné is Iridessa. You shouldn’t expect anything less from Disney.
This comes on the heels of Disney’s new announcement, a new plan that will allow Disney to stream newly released films into children’s hospitals. Although an incredibly simple, and wonderful idea, Disney will be one of the first major studios to pioneer the new project, allowing children who may not have been able to head off to the theater a chance to see the film when it releases. You can read more about the program, from Disney on our site.