Another company has fallen under the Kate Upton spell, just a few weeks after the model joined Express, she will be sharing her gorgeous face and popular figure with Bobbie Brown Cosmetics.
On set getting ready for one of the first promotions, a video was shared earlier today giving Upton fans a behind-the-scenes look of the new ad campaign. So far only two celebrities have ever clammed the Bobbie Brown throne, the first being Katie Holmes.
The new ads should start popping up in magazines, billboards and online in early July. “I believe that confidence and being comfortable is the secret to beauty,” said Bobbi Brown to Kate Upton in the video. Brown then added, “It’s really inspirational to see a woman who feels so good and so confident. You do what you feel and you don’t follow anyone’s rules. You’re not like anyone else. You’re completely individual and independent.”

Kate when on to say, “My mom gave me a lot of confidence. I was so excited to meet Bobbi, because you’re such an inspiration and your products have been everywhere growing up. My mom used them. We used them.”