Pretty soon you will be able to get a lot more than a caffeine jolt at Starbucks. The company announced that it will begin to sell alcohol in a few stores across the United States in a larger test to rollout the service nationwide.
“We’ve tested it long enough in enough markets—this is a program that works,” CFO Troy Alstead told Bloomberg. You won’t be able to get any hard alcohol, but you will be able to pick up a beer or a bottle of wine. This will be paired with new gourmet food offerings like bacon-wrapped dates, new cheese combinations and other delectable snacks.
How this will rollout locally for the customer, will greatly depend on the state. My home town of Newark, Delaware doesn’t even allow alcohol sales in any location other than a liquor store, and even those can’t sell on Sundays. Here in NY though thing are different, from 7-11 to bodegas, you can get a beer almost anywhere.
All of these new offerings are aimed at one goal, to make you think of Starbucks at any hour of the day, not just before your commute or at during a 3pm slowdown at the office. “Anything that you see happening here is driven by the question: what is the customer looking for?” Starbucks spokesperson Alisha Damodaran told Quartz. “When we think about new product offerings in the stores, we always think about what makes customers come through our doors.”
Right now you can buy alcohol in 26 stores in the United Staes, but the company wants to push that to 40 by the year’s end and eventually hitting 1000 at some point if everything goes smoothly.