Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the company would, “further strengthen its support for the independent development community by introducing more tool and middleware solutions for the PlayStation 4.”
SCE has entered into a strategic partnership to bring native solutions from popular middleware vendor GameMaker:Studio from YoYo Games, and the company also announced that MonoGame would become available for the PS4 software title development, further expanding its already robust set of development tools available for the global gaming development community.
The company also announced that fully integrated solutions for Unity from Unity Technologies are now available for the PlayStation 3 (PS3™) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) systems, with the highly anticipated early access version for PS4 coming in April 2014.
Unity, GameMaker:Studio and MonoGame represent the most popular game development tools leveraged by universities and independent developers alike for prototyping and full scale product development.
“SCE is an immense supporter of the indie movement within the game industry and is constantly collecting feedback on how to make things easier for developers. It became abundantly clear within the development community that these broad sets of tools and specific middleware solutions are in high-demand,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “We are pleased to provide these powerful tools to developers and add even more flexibility and development options for game developers around the world, and we know that PlayStation gamers will be thrilled to play the games that will come to our platforms as a result of these partnerships.”
Jointly developed by SCE and YoYo Games, a GameMaker:Studio native solution for PS4 is now available free for all SCE-licensed developers, making it even easier for developers to bring their 2D games to the more than 6 million gamers worldwide that own PS4 systems. Renowned and beloved games popularized on PC like Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine, Samurai Gunn by Teknopants, Risk of Rain by Hopoo Games, Home by Benjamin Rivers and Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer are now able to more efficiently convert their titles for release on PS4 as a result of GameMaker:Studio’s native export capabilities.
MonoGame makes up the C#-based open sourced engine suite available for licensed developers. MonoGame was first used in the development of indie darling Matt Makes Games’ acclaimed Towerfall: Ascension for PS4 and will also help to bring anticipated titles Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games and Transistor by Supergiant Games to PS4 in the upcoming months.
SCE newly announced the release of its powerful game development tool, Authoring Tools Framework (ATF), as a free, open source download from the popular GitHub hosting site. SCE’s ATF is widely used within SCE to develop popular software titles including blockbusters The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls (SCE Worldwide Studios).
SCE’s ATF is now joined by these tool and middleware solutions and SCE’s graphics-rendering engine known as the PhyreEngine, used in the development of the anticipated upcoming PS4 title Secret Ponchos by Switchblade Monkeys, as SCE-sponsored development tools available for all licensed developer partners.
SCE continues to set a high benchmark across the industry for working with the global development community to bring some of the world’s greatest and most innovative games to PlayStation platforms, including improved processes, as well as flexible and extensive resource support. With more than 100 games in development for PS4 from independent developers and more than 1,000 licensed self-publishers.