A new spin on the classic tale of “The Little Mermaid” is coming to Universal Pictures and the studio is in talks to bring Sofia Coppola to the project. Coppola will come on board as a Director if negotiations pull through, currently Caroline Thompson is rewriting the script originally written by Kelly Marcel and Abi Morgan.
With the success of Disney’s “Frozen,” you can imagine many studios are checking their rights and schedules for any Hans Christian Andersen film they can produce at the moment. The story entered pop-culture superstardom when Disney created their own version of “The Little Meramid” back in 1989.
How the new adaptation will play out still remains to be seen, the classic story is of a mermaid that saves a man from drowning, only to fall in love with him and wish to be human. Coppola is coming off “The Bling Ring,” which found wonderful success here and abroad.