Things are not working out for rapper Chris Brown, the singer/performer will remain imprisoned until April 23, 2014, according to the latest order from a Los Angeles judge.
Chris-Brown-is-just-a-scared-little-boy-insideThe date chosen, April 23, is when Brown’s probation violation hearing will take place, that is in regards to the ver public 2009 assault-cae of his former girlfriend and fellow singer Rihanna.
Brown has been in Los Angeles lockup for the past few days, he was arrested when a judge made the order after Brown was suspected of violating the rules and regulations of his probationary treatment.
In Malibu Brown was being treated for anger management, substance abuse and was also being treated for behavioral issues that were related to bi-polar disorder. The court did not specifically say why Brown was taken from treatment to lockup, only that it involved his probation and suspected violations.
At 24 Brown is a Grammy Winning artist, one that has been in treatment since November of last year.