Its common knowledge at this point that fans of ABC Family’s hit series “Pretty Little Liars” love their secrets. The show is one of the best in the business when it comes to surprising its fan base, while always keeping things exciting on social-media.
Yesterday a few of the key-players of the series, exec producers I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty, all attended PaleyFest. With the season finale of the show just around the corner and key members of the canceled “Ravenswood” cast coming back, everyone was hoping to crack a leak in the show’s tightly guarded secret-vault.
Unfortunately no giant leaks came from the panel, but a few surprising details were released. Everyone in attendance was treated to just one small taste from Tuesday’s big finale.
The finale was bet described by King who simply called the episode, “emotionally exhausting to watch.”
That is something that fans of the series should be accustomed to by now, the show has a steady history of ramping up the drama, cliffhangers and day-ruining plot devices when the show’s season is coming to a close.
King did get everyone excited when she fielded a question about a possible movie for the series stating, “That comes up all the time and I would love to create (a movie).”
The idea shouldn’t seem too far-fetched, “Veronica Mars” proved a dedicated fan-base will pay for most of the film upfront and the digital-minded fan base of the show would have no issue with a digital release should the studio wish to keep cost down and avoid competing in the theaters.
The show has a season premiere just around the corner, even though we haven’t even finished this series. The season five premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” is set to air on June 10, 2014. Of course the show will return with Caleb’s return (played by Tyler Blackburn who is coming back after ABC cancelled “Ravenswood”).
All of this is in the distant future for now, right now fans have their minds set on uncovering the “Pretty Little Liars” season four finale on March 18, 2014.