There’s an ongoing squabble between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and actor Kevin Spacey, and it’s one that leaving Spacey more and more likable. Earlier today Spacey Tweeted a photo, a photoshopped image of Spacey with the mayor and his brother (shown below), which Spacey either made or had made to appease the complaining siblings.
The small internet-feud started when Ford and his brother complained that Spacey wouldn’t take photos with the pair when Spacey and Rob Ford both were on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” back on March 2, 2014. If this sounds like an argument you might here at a high-school cafeteria, it is.
Since the ‘incident’ Ford’s brother called Spacey “an arrogant SOB,” while taking to YouTube to discuss the actor on the mayor’s support site.
We would like to call his response “classic Spacey” but in the past so few people (if any) have ever publicly had a problem with the actor this is all pretty new territory.
Spacey simply Tweeted, “When did Mayor Ford start doing what people tell him to do? All you had to do was ask, guys. Here’s your pic.” Spacey did let-fly a few jokes about the Mayor on the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,”
“That’s the first time I’ve had to follow a Ford,” Spacey laughed on the show adding, “And one that was so banged up.” In response to sharing a dressing room that night with Ford Spacey said, “Well, he threw up all over it, but those are the chances you take.” The audience seemed to enjoy it.
Following allegations of smoking crack, and a string of unorthodox behaviors, the City Council of Torono has halted many of the Mayor’s authoritative roles, though the council does not have the authority to remove Ford from office, and he has remained mayor till this day.