Earlier this morning Theo James, Shailene Woodley and Ellie Goulding met with Savannah Guthrie to promote the upcoming YA blockbuster “Divergent”. The stars talked about what it meant to take on their roles in the film, the commitment it took, and the hours they have put into it.
Taking on a project as large as this is no easy task, not only did the characters have to sign a multiyear deal with the studios, but both had to hit the gym not get in shape to save their fictitious society.
“We did some training. Both of us were, I think, pretty fit when we started. [Theo] did some boxing before and I had done some other martial art, but we do did do a lot of training to learn the correct fight style,” Shailene said.
“If you don’t finish a day of stunts with lots of bruises, you feel like you haven’t done it right,” Theo laughed. “We had about a month and we kind of pushed ourselves beyond the human limit. Kind of, but not really.”
When asked if it was intimidating taking on known characters, Shailene responded, “Not really. I feel like if we tried to portray a character that everybody else wanted, it would have been this mess of a human, you know? When you’re creating a movie, you’re in the bubble of what that film is and you kind of forget that other people know about it, in a sense.” Ellie Goulding also performed ‘Beating Heart’ from the ‘Divergent’ soundtrack

They also played down the fact that their lives are about to change when the movie releases. “It’s kind of hard to quantify that. And also until it’s there, you know, we’re kind of realists in a way,” Theo said.