The production team that brought you Sharknado and soon to be released Sharknado 2, The Asylum, are bringing another original film to SyFy next month called “Bermuda Tentacles”. Before you get an strange ideas of Japanese anime films, I’ll tell you about the upcoming movie.
Linda-HamiltonFirst of all the film stars Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) as an Admiral of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battling an ancient monster in the new Syfy Original Movie Bermuda Tentacles, premiering Saturday, April 12 at 9PM (ET/PT).
When Air Force One goes down over the Bermuda Triangle, the Navy sends its best rescue team. But in saving the President, the team awakens a monster which threatens America’s entire Eastern Seaboard and, ultimately, the world.
Bermuda Tentacles, which is a production of The Asylum (Sharknado, Sharknado 2), also stars Trevor Donovan (90210), May Harrison (The Blues) and Jamie Kennedy (The Jamie Kennedy Experiment).