The new drama “Mind Games” is all-new tonight, tonight’s episode called “Pet Rock” centers around a college-student who finds herself in a local cult. Meanwhile Claire is discovering that Ross hasn’t exactly given up all of his former Con-Artist habits.
After our college-student turns from promising member of society, to underground cult-follower, her parents attempt to free her from their grasp with the help of Edwards and Associates. We mentioned before that Claire is now realizing Ross’ stockpile of deceits and lies with Clark and feels she is torn on whether or not to unveil the truth.
Guest starring is Wynn Everett as Claire, Katherine Cunningham as Beth, Philip Johnson as Ed, Eve Gordon as Diane, Randall Batinkoff as Jonah and Emma Dumont as Sofie.
“Mind Games” stars Steve Zahn as Clark Edwards, Christian Slater as Ross Edwards, Megalyn Echikunwoke as Megan, Gregory Marcel as Miles, Jaime Ray Newman as Sam and Cedric Sanders as Latrell.
“Pet Rock” was written by Donald Todd and directed by Timothy Busfield. “Mind Games” is executive-produced by Kyle Killen, Keith Redmon, Timothy Busfield and Donald Todd. “Mind Games” is a 20th Century Fox Television production.