ABC confirmed the summer premiere of PLL earlier this week, but the network still has a few story-lines to wrap up in the current season. Tonight’s all new episode is deals with more secrets and lies surrounding everyone’s favorite girls, while more problems arise for the group.
Fans were left with some pretty disturbing questions about Mrs. DiLaurentis, and as the four girls participate in a charity bridal fashion show to try and get answers, it seems unlikely that the mystery will unravel in-full in tonight’s new episode.
The last time we checked in with the girls, no one had it easy. All of the characters seemed to be suffering through their own hard times as Spencer is reeling about the memories from her “lost summer,” Aria is still nursing a broken heart, Emily is reeling from Paige’s betrayal and Hanna unsuccessfully attempts to wade back into the dating pool.
But as each girl tries to deal with her individual issues, they must focus their attention on their suspicions surrounding Mrs. DiLaurentis. Assuming that Mrs. D knows more about Ali and the night she went missing, girls decide to help out at her charity bridal fashion show to gain access to the DiLaurentis house to search for answers.
We do know that as Ella and Jason return to Rosewood, each has something to hide from the group, which is something that should come to a head by the end of tonight’s episode.