Earlier this year we at The Slanted took a look into V-MODA and the company’s recently released over-the-ear Crossfade headphones. They quickly became the favorite choice of the editors and staff around the office, so much so that we decided to look into other designs that the company had to offer.
Over the ear headphones are my obvious choice when streaming music or videos at home, but in-ear headphones are my go-to headset choice for when I’m out of the house or traveling in the city. I have attached earlobes, a recessive gene that goes mostly unnoticed and a gift of my mother’s Irish heritage. I say this because in-ear headphones like Apple’s Earbuds, or other plastic inserts, hurt my ears after prolonged use, they are just unnaturally comfortable for me. This doesn’t go for everyone, but I have preferred rubber-tipped in-ear headphones like the ones found in the V-MODA Remix Remote to not only be the most comfortable, but the best sounding as well.
V-MODA-Remix-Remote-Large-ReviewThis was the main reason I volunteered to review the in-ear options from V-MODA. I’ve reviewed dozens of headsets over the past two-years, and while most were designed for a specific use (gaming, music, media, etc…) both of the V-MODA designs that I have used in the past few months were the most versatile options from any of the headphones/headsets that I’ve used in years.
Technically, like all headphones, the quality comes from the hardware and design chosen to create the device. In this case the sound quality comes from the recently redesigned 9mm V-MASQUE HD neodymium dynamic driver offering a frequency Response of 5 Hz – 24 kHz. The headphones are light, discreet and an amazing addition to all of my gadgets, from my iPhone 5s to my Google Nexus I’ve replaced all of my headsets with just two options from the company. I still use the V-MODA over the ear as my default choice when gaming on my Alienware Aurora, or when I’m bing-watching Archer or catching up on television series on my laptop.
On the function side of things the Remix Remote offers the traditional 3-Button remote and microphone, a feature that has become almost crucial when offering a pair of headphones that can be used with smartphones. The in-line design also allows users to control playback on their device, all without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. Like all of the V-MODA headsets I’ve tested in the past, there was never any issues with the functionality. Calls were easily answered, the buttons are well defined and have a discerning ‘click’ when adjusting the volume, answering a call or picking up another call on the go.
I live in NYC and in-line microphones that can perform over our busy streets and windy sidewalks are not easy to come by. The typical young/middle-aged New Yorker won’t settle for tangled cords snaking their way through our pea-coats (the Remix Remote was designed with a 2.2mm Kevlar reinforced cable, that are 3x-10x stronger than normal cables,) or muffled or distressed phone-calls when are walking through the tourists on our way to work. Things have to perform, and the Remix Remote are by far my favorite option of in-ear headphones that I’ve tested.
The design that makes all of this work is complicated, but can be easily broken down into several choices made by the company. The V-PORT air flow system designed in the headset offers the customer the high-definition audio, whether that is from a call, a song, or a film. The newly reengineered BLISS 2.0 (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) offers an extremely well-made, low-cost option, for anyone seeking noise-isolating headsets. This not only keeps the white-noise of a subway terminal at bay, but also helps enhance your devices’ natural output. These aren’t noise-cancleing, there is a difference, and it usually comes with a few hundred-dollar price-tag. With the exception of traveling on an airplane, I always prefer noise-isolating over noise-cancleing and the reason is fairly simple. When I’m on the street, I want to be able to hear cars, when I’m on a train and I want to hear if there is an announcement made, same for the subway. I like to hear people asking me a question home, or if someone is calling me but I don’t want to hear people taking, or the light buzz of the subway or the shuffling of papers on the train, and that’s what noise-isolating cancels out.
Another thing that I require in headsets now is compatibility, and the Remix Remote passes that test with flying colors. Out of the box you can hook them up into an iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3GS, iPod shuffle (3rd gen), iPod touch (2nd gen), iPod nano (4rd gen), 120GB iPod classic as well as MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro (2009 and newer models) and get the full range of benefits as they were designed.
That’s not the only models the headsets will work with however, audio is supported by all iPod models and devices with a 3.5mm jack including laptops, tablets, phones, desktops or other devices. You may not get all of the in-line microphone options on all devices, but not all devices would use that. The device also works with Apple Voice Control and Voice Over technology (iPhone 3GS and iPod shuffle 3rd gen), and they are iChat and Skype compatible.
For the fitness expert or outdoorsman or woman, you will also receive the detachable sport-ear hooks with Active Flex technology, these are just small bracers that help the in-ear headphones in place if you plan on jumping about or running. If you are new to this concept and have had issues with in-ear headphones falling out when exercising, this is the solution you have been looking for. While commenting on the fit and design of the in-ear portion, I should also mention that each pair comes with 4 pairs of both black and clear silicone fittings (XS, S, M, L) so you can choose the option that fits best for you ears.

I noticed that right around the second-air of purchased ear-phones, most of my friends never want to buy another pair again. It can get costly to constantly replace headsets, and they are used so often that normal wear and tear is big factor when picking out a set. That’s another giant plus when going with V-MODA I noticed. According to the company’s official site, “Each Remix purchased from V-MODA.com or any one of our verified Dealers is backed by an unrivaled 2-Year V-MODA Premier Warranty.” Are you clumsy and brutish with your headsets? Then you’ll be happy to know that the company offers a “Remix Immortal Life” program, giving you 50% off lifetime replacement guarantee should you somehow damage them on your own accord.
After several weeks with the headset they are my dedicated pair, I never leave the house without them. At $79 they are extremely well priced, and the backing the company offers and the discounted replacement if you do something terrible are terrific options to have in the future.