Anne Rice confirms October release for ‘Prince Lestat’, part of Vampire Chronicles

Popular Vampire-storyteller, Anne Rice, made headlines this afternoon when she confirmed the release date for the next installment of her beloved ‘Vampire Chronicles’ series. The series has been going strong for over two-decades, inspiring its own film-franchise and capturing the hearts and minds of over 80 million readers worldwide.
The new book will be released on October 28, 2014, Rice made the confirmation yesterday on the podcast ”The Dinner Party with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn,” which is co-hosted by Rice’s son.
During the show Rice simply stated, “I am at last able to announce my up-and-coming new novel.” Those are the words that countless fans have been waiting to hear, and the book is titled after one of the series’ most notorious characters, ‘Prince Lestat.’
The book will be a “true sequel” to her “Queen of the Damned,” which was released back in 1998. Many fans love the character of Lestat de Lioncourt, who was played by Tom Cruise in the film version of “Interview with the Vampire” released in 1994 (has it been that long?).
In the new installment Rice stated that, “It’s all about Lestat and all about the vampires and what they’re doing right now, how they’re coming to terms with everything that’s happened to them and how Lestat is dealing with demands from all sides that he step forward and become the leader of the tribe,” Rice confirmed on the podcast.
The ongoing series still lives on however, this will be the 11th novel in Rice’s popular series.