If there is one-thing that the HBO’s hit-series ‘Game of Thrones’ does well, it’s maintaining the sense of impending doom for all of your favorite characters. Just a few months after the “Red Wedding” fans now can expect more death and destruction with the new season of “Game of Thrones,” set to premiere this Spring.
In the latest trailer, named “Secrets,” there are a lot of teasers and insights to be shared from the first episode. The trailer is a bit of a clip-show, with Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister sharing a conversation regarding moments of last year’s season. “I lie awake all night thinking about how they died,” she says, as viewers are forced to relive the horrific demise of the Stark family.
With the tragedy behind us, a new set of dangers and achievements await for the remaining players. Dragons are getting bigger, the air is getting colder and the veracity of the remaining families is growing more and more apparent with each new trailer the series releases. All of this tension is prepping for the show’s season premiere, set for April 6, 2014.