If you think pop-stars, rappers or rock-stars are the king’s of the music world, you might be severally underestimating the lure of Country music in America and abroad. Earning more than Beyonce, Justin Timeberlake or The Rolling Stones are two of CMA’s finest winners; Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney.
Taylor Swift CMA Music Festival 2013Those aren’t the only Country/Folk singers to hit the top-ten money makers on the Billboard Charts this year. In fact, almost half of the top 10 artist are in the Country/Folk category.
Billboard’s annual list was released earlier today and although a few artists are obvious guesses, a few might surprise you.
Now each year a few key factors can severely alter the list. These factors include if an artist released a new album that year, if the artist is touring, or if the artist is appearing outside of music (stage, film, television, advertising or outside brands, etc.) so the list isn’t exactly an exact science in naming popularity but it does help compare artists, genres and trends when the artists have matching resumes for that year.
With an on-going tour, a few television spots and whole lot of advertising, Taylor Swift took in $39,699,575.60. That’s an amazing number and it’s nice to know that Swift wasn’t just the top-earner, she was also the top charitable celebrity last year,
At second place is country-star Kenny Chesney, taking in $32,956,240.70 and who is still counting money from his popular “No Shoes Nation” stadium tour. At number three is Justin Timberlake, who had two-tours last year, earning him $31,463,297.03. You can checkout the top 10 in the official list below.
Top 10 Money Makers of 2014:

  • Taylor Swift, $39,699,575.60
  • Kenny Chesney, $32,956,240.70
  • Justin Timberlake, $31,463,297.03
  • Bon Jovi, $29,436,801.04
  • The Rolling Stones, $26,225,121.71
  • Beyonce, $24,429,176.86
  • Maroon 5, $22,284,754.07
  • Luke Bryan, $22,142,235.98
  • Pink, $20,072,072.32
  • Fleetwood Mac, $19,123,101.98

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