Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs now releasing on May 27th

The frequently delayed Ubisoft title “Watch_Dogs” now has a firm release date, the company has confirmed that the open-world title will become available on May 27, 2014. Michael Madavi, Content Marketing Manager at Ubisoft, made the announcement earlier today on the Playstation Blog stating, “We’re back online. Today, Watch_Dogs resumed communications with an all-new story trailer featuring our protagonist, Aiden Pearce.”
The news also came with a brand-new trailer, which you can see below, showing off more of the highly-anticipated title. Madavi went on to say, “Over the last few months, our development team has been working non-stop to fully realize their ambition and polish the Watch_Dogs experience to live up to gamers’ high expectations. We’ve been absolutely itching to show you more, and we’re finally ready to do just that.”
Ubisoft has described the protagonist, Aiden Pearce, as a “clandestine vigilante,” stating that he is “skilled hacker,” adding, “Aiden can be quite persuasive in getting the information he needs using his wit, along with firearms, vehicles, and a stun baton.”