Suburgatory can look forward to a new episode tonight on ABC, in “About A Boy-Yoi-Yoing” George becomes enamored with Chatswin’s latest hotspot (a juice bar), while Tessa reminds him of their pact to not get sucked into Chatswin culture.
In effort to change their surroundings George and Fred to take a trip to New York, which doesn’t turn out the way George had planned. Meanwhile, Tessa is pressured into attending Evan’s birthday party and reveals what she really thinks of him, on “Suburgatory,” tonight (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET). “Suburgatory” stars Jeremy Sisto as George Altman, Jane Levy as Tessa Altman, Carly Chaikin as Dalia Royce, Allie Grant as Lisa Shay, Chris Parnell as Fred Shay, Ana Gasteyer as Sheila Shay and Cheryl Hines as Dallas Royce.
“ABOUT A BOY-YOI-YOING” guest stars include Maestro Harrell as Malik, Sam Lerner as Evan, Samantha Futerman as Katie, Anna Claire Sneed as Girl #1, Kaylee Bryant as Girl #2, Lila Lucchetti as Waitress, Ryan Carnes as Bart, Cooper Barnes as Male Customer, Laura Liguori as Female Customer, Alan Heitz as Man, Brittany Marie Batchelder as Susan and Javin Reid as Vikram.
“ABOUT A BOY-YOI-YOING” was written by Annie Weisman and directed by Rodman Flender.