Earlier this month we confirmed that Harold Perrineau and Matt Ryan were cast in the new DC Comics “Constantine” adaptation, now we can add Lucy Griffiths to that cast as well. The series is based on the popular Hellblazer graphic novels, fans might remember Lucy Griffiths from “True Bloods” and Harold Perrineau from “Lost”.
Lucy-griffiths-InsertThe series is based on occult master John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) a man haunted by his past and one that has the unique powers of fighting demons and being able to move from one dimension to the other. The comic also spawned a movie adaptation, in that version Keanu Reeves played the role of Constantine.
We know that Griffiths will play Liv, the female lead and partner to Constantine. It’s when Constantine learns that Liv has been “marked” to die at the hands of demons, that the two partner up and fight for humanities survival. Liv shares the ability to see the supernatural-world within our own modern-day world, this is how the two work together.
As for Perrineau he will play the role of Manny, an angel assigned aid Constantine in his work. Also starring in the series is Charles Halford (True Detective, The Event) is cast as Chas, friend of Constantine.