A new image that appeared on the Windows Blog Italy, caught by WPCentral, and it has a few customers excited for the new Windows 8.1 Phone update that is due out later this year. The image shows that customers will be allowed to set custom wallpaper via photos for the home-screen, turning all of their live-tiles into a mosaic of a favorite picture.
Talk of custom home-backgrounds have been discussed before, both through different events that Microsoft higher-ups have attended last year and from customers requesting the feature. This is the first image that shows any real signs that the ability will be coming to the platform.
It’s a unique way of using the live-tile setup and one that should be rather simple to implement moving forward. You can expect to hear more about Windows Phone 8.1 during the Microsoft’s BUILD conference, that event is scheduled in April and Microsoft is expected to have a firm launch date at that time.