The new “Arrow” spinoff series, named simply “Flash”, is almost ready to make its debut. The studio recently released the first images of Grant Gustin wearing his trademark crimson-red Flash suit earlier today. This is the first time that fans of the comic-book hero has seen the new Flash design, which seems to be heavily influenced from the comic-series.
Grant Gustin will be playing the title role of Barry “The Flash” Allen, fans won’t get to see the full-body suit at this time, but you get the idea. The design of the new suit comes from the Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, the same person that helped design the suit for CW’s “Arrow”.
While “Arrow” has already been approved for a third season on the CW, the Flash will have to prove its worth in the upcoming pilot series. To get fans excited for the new series, the Flash was first introduced in “Arrow,” as a two-part story arch in the winter finale.
The Flash calls Central City his home, by day he is an assistant police forensic investigator, he will come to Starling City investigating unusual robberies that he believes are connected to his past.
We reported earlier this month that Johm Wesley Shipp (the original Barry Allen from the ’90s series) will join Gustin in the series, while Tom Cavanagh will play Harrison Wells, Jesse L. Martin will take the part as Detective West; Candice Patton will play West’s daughter named Iris (love interest to Barry) and Danielle Panabaker takes on the part of Caitlin Snow. Also confirmed is Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne.


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