This season Saturday Night Live went through a series of new changes and casting shuffles. Earlier today Cecily Strong and Colin Jost joined TODAY in their first interview together since the comedic-duo were named as new anchor team of SNL’s Weekend Update.
The two comedians interviewed with Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer, working on everything from anchor voices to the professional leg-cross that only seasoned anchors of the news can master.
“It was [my dream job]. It was something I didn’t know was always possible and always had in mind as the thing I wanted to do,” Colin said. When asked if he ever sabotaged Seth Meyers to take over his job, he laughed, “Probably unintentionally. No, he’s been such a good mentor to me and helped me both as a writer and going through this process.”

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Cecily and Colin also quizzed the anchors with a game of ‘Two lies, one truth,’ to find out how well they know the duo. “Because you guys are the actual news people so we assume you study us a lot,” Cecily said. Unfortunately the anchors didn’t do so well – but learned that Cecily has performed on cruise ships and Colin has performed in ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’