Godzilla 2014 InsertThe lizard king is almost ready to strike the box-office, and no not Jim Morrison, we mean the actual lizard-king, Godzilla. The first full-length theatrical trailer was released from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures earlier this afternoon and it features the best look of Godzilla to date. Since last year’s Comic-Con every teaser and sound-byte released for the movie has been leading to the big reveal of Godzilla, which seems to be bigger than any other version of the monster has been in the past.
In the trailer you will see ‘Breaking Bad’s’ own Bryan Cranston, the trailer shows a bit of the storyline that will be featured in the film. Just like Godzilla films in the past, there will be someone warning everyone about Godzilla and authorities refusing to believe in Godzilla until they are crushed by the monster.
The new film will release this May is a plethora of digital and IMAX choices for fans of the ancient beast.