Some great news for DCUO fans this week. Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that new details fro game update #34, including a host of new features. First and foremost is “Feat Unlocking,” this allows players to use Replay Badges to unlock feats they have already earned on their other characters. The system gives players the option to play and progress faster on multiple characters, promoting the development and use of alternative characters.
If you have been watching the DCUO developers guide this week on YouTube then you may have seen the “Green Aura.” Now Green Auras are available, for the first time in DCUO, players have access to the special aura, which is accessible through Promethium Lockboxes.
There is also a “Revamped Moon 5v5 PvP Map,” the original Moon PvP map has been revamped from a capture the flag map to a three-point capture and hold map, making it even more enjoyable and challenging for heroes and villains looking for a fight.
more info: dcuo/featunlocking, dcuo/updatenotes