With a beta-test attracting around 2 million players, a new console supporting the game and a marketing blitz that riled up both the PC and Xbox One community, “Titanfall” is poised to be the first dominating title in 2014.

Titanfall-Contest-CoverThe game has had a strong following since it was announced at E3 where it won over 60 awards. These awards ranged from Best Original Game, to Best Console Game, and even picked up Best PC Game, Best Action Game, Best Online Multiplayer and the the best prize of them all, Best of Show.

As we prepare for Titanfall there is a new art-book released from Titan Publishing to add even more terrific content to an already popular game. I’ve always had a special interest in art-books, I collect them and I’ve promoted them from my earliest days of collecting special-edition magazines that featured popular NES titles. Art-books today are far more extravagant, and offer more insight and details of a game’s process that was available in the old magazine days.

The art-book shows the ever important stages leading up to the release of the game. These stages include the visual development of the game, the concept-art and map construction that was used in the game’s design and of course the final stage for each of the major pieces used to create the Titanfall universe.

If you are lucky enough to pick up the limited edition of the art-book (only 500 were made) you will be treated to a visual blueprint of the game’s development process. The LE also contains an exclusive art print signed by the 17 members of the Respawn art-team, who are the core-members that designed Titanfall, creator commentary, in-game renders, detailed Titan modeling and so much more.

Back to the standard edition for now, as that will met likely be the number one-seller because of volume available. Just like other art-books published through Titan Publishing the book is huge. The hardcover is 192 pages, the dimensions of which are 12.2 x 9.4 x 0.8 inches. If you want to get really technical, the book is just over three-pounds of gorgeous Titanfall previews and insight.

The pages of the book are simply beautiful and the art-collection once again shows just how much work goes into these AAA games that get the community so excited. The in-game renders and modeling images offer a look into Respawn’s amazing concept for Titanfall, which I feel is one of the most original FPS titles to come out in years.

After playing the game through the BETA, testing it out and seeing the early stages of the Titans, maps and pilots in the art-book, it’s amazing to see how each set piece evolved into the final stages that made it into the game.

The universe and fabricated history that is the backdrop of Titanfall is equally impressive, from the pilots that players will control in the multiplayer, to the skirmishes and war machines used in the game’s AI. Overall it is a very impressive collection and one that any gamer I think would enjoy. I’ve loved Titan Publishing’s art-collections in the past, and with such a terrific title being the centerpiece of another new art-book, I would say collecting it is an easy decision to make.

At the time that this article was written the art-book was on sale at Amazon for $26 (reg. $35) but if you would like to have one of your very own, you can enter to win a copy from us and Titan Publishing. Entering is easy enough, simply share or comment on the Facebook post below or enter again on Twitter and we will be picking winners on March 1st. The drawings are open to anyone in the United States.

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