The developers behind Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play MMOFPS ‘PlanetSide 2’ have been busy the last few weeks. The latest optimization for Amerish, a continent of Auraxis, has been completed and is ready for players to stars fighting for control.
According to SOE, “Players fighting on Amerish will see numerous updates, including new base layouts and implementation of the Lattice System.” These include, “Performance Optimizations in the number of unique objects, overall object count and polygons per object have been optimized. As for the Lattice System, it has been implemented, which includes repositioning of outposts and roads to optimize map flow.

Also included are Facility Updates, now the facility satellite outposts have been converted into stand-alone outposts and updated with new level designs.
Other changes include Outpost Additions and Optimizations, with nine new outposts that have been added to fill voids in the play space and balance the lattice flow. Also, original outposts have been optimized to create infantry play spaces, reduce spawn camping and increase room for vehicle battles