The internet loves Jennifer Lawrence and it’s hard not too, the Oscar-winning actor was chosen as the new face/body of Dior and in an interview talks a little about wearing gowns and playing Katniss.
The actor has been incredibly busy this year, with a two huge blockbusters taking the box-office (American Hustle, Hunger Games: Catching Fire) that she has to promote, she is also shooting for the next installments of the Hunger Games franchise.
Now you can add Dior to the list of a growing work schedule, plus the fact that she will have a huge appearance at the Oscars this week. Lawrence took a moment from shooting her Miss Dior campaign sporting her shorter hair, the actor is just as glamorous as ever with her sparkles, silk coats and her brand-named bags decorating the ads.
The actor talked about one of her best moments, when the dress she wore to Cannes had a small moment of unraveling. “I obviously have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars,” she said in the interview. “Some fun, some not. They need to make it more accessible for stairs, in my opinion. It feels nice when you’re dressed in something beautiful and you feel beautiful. When you’re wearing an outfit that you’re really proud of or a dress that you feel really good in, it can be fun, and therefore make you happier.”
Charming as always you can expect to see the ads throughout the world over the coming weeks, and you can watch pt. 1 of the interview above.