Call of Duty Ghost fans can deck-out their soldiers with new gear and new customizations options thanks to an update released from the developers. The new options allow players to add “Personalization Packs”, which allow you to “fight in style” with the Ducky, Space Cats, Inferno and Circuit Personalization Packs.
Also added are “Special Characters,” meant to intimidate your enemies as one of the Ghosts. You will be able to choose from Keegan, Merrick, Hesh and Elias. If you need even more options you can pick up the “Captain Price Legend Pack,” that will allow you to become, “one of the most legendary Call of Duty heroes of all time,” with the Capt. Price Special Character and themed Personalization Pack.

If you aren’t looking for more gear, but more room instead, you can checkout the “Extra Slots Pack,” that will increase the number of Create-a-Soldier load out slots from 6 to 10 for each character.