The ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot has seen its share of delays, but starting today the main cast is finally moving along to production. The script saw several rewrites and in that time quite a few actors have shared interest in starring as one of the four members of the super-team. It wasn’t until earlier this evening though that the cast was finally spelled-out for everyone to know.
Fox announced the reboot quite a while ago and final negotiations are just a formality at this point according to multiple sources close in the industry and in media outlets. With the deal Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bellment and Michael B. Jordon are your heroes.
Playing the roles will be Mara as Sue Storm (also known as the Invisible Woman), Jamie Bell will take on the role of Ben Grimm (also known The Thing). While Miles Teller will be Reid Richards (also known as Mr. Fantastic) and finally rounding out the fourth member is Jordan as Johnny Storm, (also known as The Human Torch).
Now that the Fantastic Four have been nailed down you can expect to hear more about who they will be battling over the next fe months. More information on the film will be released as the project moves further along into production. The film is scheduled to premiere on June 19, 2015.