Karen-Gillan-Profile-InsertOne of the internet’s favorite Doctor Who companion, Karen Gillan, is headed to a new television series. The new show will be called “Selfie,” and the pilot is coming from the creator and executive producer of the series “Suburgatory.”
The show is about a girl that was excited to see herself all over social-media and maybe the internet, that is until an embarrassing photo goes viral and she enlists the help of a marketing expert to overcome it.
Gillan’s character resembles a popular character from “My Fair Lady,” though her name is shorter, just Eliza Dooley. Warner Bros. Television through ABC and Kapnek will be producing the series, it is scheduled to be a half=-hour comedy but a premiere window wasn’t given at this time.
From Doctor Who to the big screen, Gillan will appear in two large movies this year, including “Oculus” and the highly anticipated “Guardians of the Galaxy” film.