Last year the literary world was surprised to learn that J.K. Rowling had published another novel, ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling,’ mostly because the famed author chose to do so under a different name. Despite being outed as the true identity of Robert Gailbraith, Rowling will continue to publish another novel under the fake-name.
JK-rowlingFalse-name or not, ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’, did remarkably well. The success of the novel has inspired Rowling to write another mystery installment for fans, this new addition will be called ‘The Silkworm’. Details of the mystery-novel are still vague at this point, other than the pseudonym continuing and the name of the novel.
We do know that the private investigator Cormoran Strike, first introduced in the Cuckoo’ Calling, will once again be the protagonist in the new novel. The plot will have the P.I. on the hunt for the murderer of a successful novelist.
Just before his untimely demise, the murdered writer had written a manuscript that involved the hidden-lives and unseemly dealings of several public figures, and now after his death they are all suspects.
According to the The Telegraph, the new book is set to hit shelves June 19, 2014. After Rowling’s true identity as the author of Cuckoo was revealed , the author sued the individuals who had leaked the information. Rowling was successful in that case, she didn’t keep the money though (the author is one of the most successful writers of all time) she instead donated the damages she was awarded to a favored charity of Rowling’s.