Last week we had the delight of confirming that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be coming to Netflix in March, but now we can look to the future. The new Star Wars animated series is called ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and you can get a look at one of the main characters thanks to a video uploaded by the studio.
In this series fans will watch the rebellion take shape, and you will do so with the help of Ezra. This 14-year-old is a streetsmart scoundrel, much like the Hon Solo of the first trilogy if we are allowed to make comparisons. The studio calls Ezra a “reluctant hero” and you can catch some of the early sketches, interviews and details on the film below.

According to the official posting Ezra is described as follows:
“Growing up on his own in the age of the Empire, Ezra has had to rely on his wit and cunning to get by. As voice actor Taylor Gray explains, “He’s very street-smart, he’s a pickpocket, he’s a little thief. But he’s doing it all because he needs to survive.”
Ezra is Force-sensitive, Filoni reveals, though he is unaware that he is tapping into this mystical energy field. Ezra knows he has some strange abilities, but they’re “instinctive and reactionary.” It is only through his relationship with Kanan, a Jedi Survivor and crew member of the Ghost, that Ezra will learn the true nature of his power. Together, they will forge new paths and destinies – and a rebellion will rise.