If you are looking for a match thus Valentine’s Day, eHarmony.com has released Datebook, a new feature exclusive to its popular iPhone app. The mobile dating companion helps users plan dates with anyone, including people outside of eHarmony.
Stock-Cute-CoupleWith nearly 45% of users registering for eHarmony on a mobile device, Datebook is the first eHarmony feature to be released on a mobile platform before launching on eHarmony’s desktop website.
“As more and more eHarmony users go mobile, we want to provide resources that enhance the dating experience,” said Vanessa Petrosky, Mobile Product Manager for eHarmony. “Our customers have loved the eHarmony app, checking their matches on the go and now with Datebook as a companion, users will be able to schedule and catalog specifics about each date, bridging the online and offline dating experience.”
For the first time eHarmony will have access to feedback on dates after they have taken place, allowing future matching to take that information into account and provide ever-better results for its users.
Datebook highlights include:

  1. Add anyone – Add not only eHarmony matches, but also people you’re dating outside of eHarmony to your Datebook contact list.
  2. Calendar sync – Any date outings you enter will automatically sync to your iPhone calendar.
  3. Foursquare integration – Search for date spots and see the top photos and tips of locations from the Foursquare community, plus get valuable info including phone number, address, and pricing information.
  4. Date history – Datebook saves all your date details, including where you went and any private notes you’ve written about that special someone.
  5. Rate your dates – Privately rate who you’re dating and where you’re going. In the future, eHarmony will use this data to suggest great dates for you.
  6. Date questions – Save our icebreaker questions to your Datebook Favorites, so you always have something to talk about on that first date.

Datebook is free to all eHarmony users who register and complete the relationship questionnaire and is currently exclusive to the iPhone. Any information added to Datebook is confidential and will never be shared with a user’s matches.