Following in the footsteps of Kathy Ireland and Kate Upton, Barbie herself will be taking the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated issue. The pop-icon from Mattel will be strutting her blonde-hair and long-legs on the cover of the famous magazine, all in a tribute to the American classic.
Barbie-SI-SwimsuitThis isn’t just any cover either, it will be for the Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary swimsuit issue. The magazine is set to hit store this Tuesday, she will stand alongside girls like supermodels Christie Brinkley and Brooklyn Decker, all in part of a new campaign called “unapologetic.” Mattel said in a statement, “As a legend herself, and under constant criticism about her body and how she looks, posing … gives Barbie … and her fellow legends an opportunity to own who they are.”
Barbie is turning 55 this year, she has seen several economic downturn, a dozen or so wars and even more political scandals since she first rolled off the assembly line.
The Barbie brand has also been a hot-button issue for dozens of groups, saying that Barbie’s unique portions and size is an unrealistic depiction for woman. Almost every part of Barbie’s life has come under fire, what she wears, the car she drives, the man she is paired with and even her professional careers, have caused public outcry from different groups.
In the over five-decades that Barbie has been around, the doll has gone through some changes. Mattel has always tried to keep the doll as present as possible, while staying within the company’s ideals of the doll’s looks.
In total, Barbie has a $1.3 billion in sales kingdom to reign, Mattel is bringing Barbie back into the public light with this “unapologetic” campaign, the doll has been losing ground to more modern dolls featuring anything from tattoos, dyed hair and often tied to “extreme” sports or artistic ventures.
If you want to join the Barbie movement, there will be a Sports Illustrated Barbie doll, even a billboard right here in New York’s Times Square tells you to join @Barbie with tweets with #unapologetic in them.
If you are wondering where the word came from, it’s a word that Mattel executives often use apparently. Lisa McKnight, the senior vice president at Mattel explained that the word is often used in the company’s inner-workings.