Donal-Logue-InsertFox continues to slowly release the main villains and rank-and-file for the Gotham Police Department for the upcoming series ‘Gotham’. Just this week the network confirmed Penguin and Alfred, and earlier this month it confirmed the lead character Gordon itself.
Now we move to Harvey Bullock, another crime-fighting member of the GCPD and Donal Logue is taking up the role. Ben McKenzie is what will eventually be Commissioner Gordon in the Batman prequel series, and working with him on the force is Det. Harvey Bullock, Gordon’s partner.
The network is having Bruno Heller, who also created “The Mentalist,” write the pilot script for the series. The series itself won’t start shooting until March 17, but a release date for the series to premiere hasn’t been confirmed from the studio at this time. Most fans will recognize Logue from FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” or from “Vikings” he’s a seasoned television actor, and one that should add some much-needed grit to the dark streets of Gotham.