As the original series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finally comes to a close, CBS is gearing up for the new spinoff series ‘How I Met Your Dad’. The network is still finalizing a few of the cast-members, but now we have the star of the series, indie-actor Greta Gerwig.
Greta-Gerwig-InsertGerwig will hear a few hats in her new position, including writing for the series and producing it as well. It was over eight-seasons before we met the mother, in HYIMYM, and hopefully the new series will see the same success as the original.
Gerwig was nominated for a Golden Globe for her terrific performance in the 2012 film ‘Frances Ha’. The new HIMYD series will still run under the original show’s creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.
According to reports from EW Gerwig will play Sally, “a female Peter Pan” but the plot is a little different in the new spinoff. In this series the flashbacks have Sally searching for love, after realizing she married the wrong man and the story continues until she meets (and we assume marries) the right man.
We will know more about the other roles as the show moves further along in production. As for now Bays and Thomas are also writing the script for the pilot, if CBS moves ahead with the series it will be shot right here in NYC.