If you are interested in helping out Respwan stomp out a few bugs before the final build of ‘Titanfall’ then you are in luck, the company has announced that it will be opening up the beta to a few lucky fans.
The new multiplayer FPS was the talk of the town after Gamescom, the game will be an Xbox One exclusive at launch for consoles, but it will also be coming to the PC market. It was earlier today that Vince Zampella, co-founder of Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment, announced that the company would be offering beta testing for players. According to the Tweet you can fill out the Titanfall’s beta starting at 9pm ET tonight.
This doesn’t allow too much time for testing, as the launch date for the game is on March 11, 2014. With just one-month to go odds are that the company isn’t exactly looking to change the game dramatically based on the beta, and it’s more to drum up talk and get players excited for the game’s release.
You will need an Origin account to signup for the beta if you want to play it on PC, which you can find on the official website titanfall.com/beta