Only a few days after FOX confirmed that Ben McKenzie will take the title role of Jim Gordon in the new ‘Gotham’ series, the studio has confirmed a few more roles, including the Penguin. So far the studio has set Gordon, Alfred, The Penguin, and a new female lead for anticipated Batman prequel.
Robin-Lord-InsertFans should be excited to see who will be playing the villains in the upcoming series. It was confirmed today that Robin Lord Taylor, Zabryna Guevara, Sean Pertwee and Erin Richards have all been chosen to work on Gotham, a series that will allow Fox to create origin story lines for a long list of popular Batman characters.
In the background of this Gordon origin story fans will get to watch their favorite villains take shape, as well as watch a young Bruce Wayne slowly turn into Batman. Now we know that Robin Lord Taylor (The Walking Dead, Another Earth) is set to play Oswald (Penguin) Cobblepot. Fans of the series know that Cobblepot is a businessman, a shrewd gangster with aspirations of controlling Gotham’s elite. In the origin story Cobblepot starts at the bottom, working for gangster Fish Mooney.
Added to the list of characters is also Guevara (Burn Notice) staking the role of Captain Essen for the Gotham City Police Department Homicide Squad. Pertwee (Elementary) is Alfred Pennyworth, butler and caretaker of Bruce Wayne/Batman franchise. Alfred is an ex-Marine from East London, one that has worked with Wayne Family for some time.
The ER doctor and fiancé to Gordon is Richards (Being Human) known as Barbara Kean. The series itself is set to be written by and executive produced by Bruno Heller. Danny Cannon (CSI) will direct the pilot and serve as EP.