There is a new trailer for the upcoming thriller ‘Under the Skin’ starring Scarlett Johansson. The film toured a few of the film-festivals this year, garnering favorable reviews and building up quite a bit of press as Johansson takes on the role of monstrous villain.
The new sci-fi picture is a step-away from the majority of Scarlett Johansson’s roles in the past, allowing the actor to play the deadly man-stalker that snatches up hitchhikers from the highways of Scotland.
In “Under the Skin” viewers will watch the deadly alien (played by Johansson) disguises itself as the attractive and alluring woman that preys on unsuspecting men, only to kill them. While traveling across Glasgow, alien/Johansson stalks, attacks and traps the men to feast on them and carry out her alien-ways while going unnoticed.

The film hitat the Telluride Film Festival and Venice Film Festival, it won a few awards and critics have been very kind to Scarlett Johansson’s new role and performance. One of the reasons that film gathered so much press was the unconventional way that they filmed the scenes.
In production, Johansson actually went up to men in the area, proposition them and they saw what happened, depending on their response some of those men became the men that Johanson stalked in the film. The picture won’t release nationwide, but it will hit theaters in a limited release on April 4, it will then open in more theaters starting on April 11.