As markets across the globe either confirm or refuse to accept Bitcoin as a regulated currency, Microsoft is making it easier to price your coins into a local currency. Microsoft made the official announcement earlier this morning, taking to the company’s blog to state, “For years, you have been able to convert currencies in Bing – and now, you can add another one to the list: Bitcoin.”
You can make the conversion straight from your Bing search bar, “conversions will appear at the top of Bing results when you pose questions such as, ‘How many Bitcoins do you need for a $71,000 Tesla?'” according to Microsoft.
Russia was the latest country to denounce Bitcoin as a valid method of payment from the Government’s perspective. Here in the United States legislation is still at the debating phase, with some lawmakers happy to have the currency regulated and others that feel it will lead to easier money-laundering techniques and tax-evasion.
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