Miley Cyrus goes retro blonde for Vogue cover

The Cyrus virus has hit Germany, the popular performer Miley Cyrus will take the cover of Vogue next month. It was just last week that fans read about Cyrus’ nude shoot for W Magazine, now fans can get a new set of prints of Miley thanks to the German edition of Vogue.
It was earlier today the Miley let loose a few pictures from the photo-shoot, fans will see Miley in platinum-blonde hair with bright red lips for the cover. Many take the montage as a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe, a tribute that probably could stop happening. Lindsay Lohan hit the same theme in 2011, and about a dozen or so pop-icons have donned the look for magazines in the past.
Still fans should be excited that Miley is getting more media attention abroad. The singer recently aired a special “Unplugged” set for MTV, the set released to generally favorable reviews from the industry, and even Madonna herself was on hand to perform with the singer.