AboutMe has turned into one of the premiere destinations for editors, photographers, corporate employees and budding artists. The social-network is the perfect place to design as your destination (or social hub) when meeting new colleagues, contacts or customers.
This site, as well as most of the editorial staff including myself, use the service as a landing page for the editors, making it easy to direct interested parties to their own private networks or to describe their work or histories.
Since the creation of About.Me the company has added a lot of new features like compliments, collections, replies, a news feed for interactions and they have added new affiliations with sites like WordPress, MakerBot, Blue Bottle Coffee, True Ventures and Adaptive Path, all who have joined in on the service as well.
The company now boasts 4.25M people on the about.me platform, starting from 1.6M when they bought back the company, adding a +264% growth versus 2012. The company sent out an email to users celebrating the milestone, stating that the service is “on every continent except Antarctica! There is at least one about.me user in every country on the planet.”
Other noteworthy marks are the company reaching a “billion Profile Page-views last year, +1,111% vs 2012 and we’ll do a lot, like a lot more this year.” Adding, “To put our growth in perspective, we did 4M Profile Page-views in January 2013 and 148M Profile Page-views in December 2013. Said another way, we’re now doing as many Profile Page-views in 2/3 of a day as we were doing in a full month before we bought back the company.”
The service is quickly becoming an assumed service that anyone that lives online should own, and you can check-in or check-out the service by hitting the jump below.
more info: about.me