Popular actor Topher Grace has launched a new genre of “celebrity-driven media” with a new website called cerealprize.com; the site is described as, “a discovery site for blockbuster throwbacks, pop culture novelties, and behind-the-scenes treasures.”
Topher-Grace-InsertThe site is already live and offers a bright and surprisingly cheerful gaze in the world of fresh celebrity-material, which the site promises to update “every weekday, Monday through Friday.” Cereal Prize is a virtual playground of funny sketches, re-edited movie trailers, un-aired pilots and more. From “The best bands of the 90s that never actually existed” to “The lost outline for E.T. 2” to “The JayZ/Radiohead mash-up album”, Cereal Prize is bursting at the seams with pop culture nuggets accessible through the site’s carefully titled content categories, “Great Sh**, Funny Sh**, Music, Trailers, Short Films, and Self –Centred Sh**”.
“Like a lot of my friends out here [Hollywood], I’ve always wanted to have more of a connection with the audience but never felt like I could communicate anything interesting in 140 characters or a selfie.” – Topher Grace
Cereal Prize is a goody bag for anyone who loves film, music, and comedy. Equally engaging to Cereal Prize’s thematic posts, is the fantasy-like user experience of the site. The Cereal Prize site is populated with animations and caricatures, along with discretely placed Hollywood references, a scavenger hunt even for the trained eye, the playful background was designed by comic illustrator, Ramon Perez.
Topher Grace, best known for his roles in That ’70s Show, Spiderman 3 and Traffic, is the sole creator and editor of Cereal Prize. Both a film actor and film enthusiast, Grace aims to meet the public’s curiosity about Hollywood with higher quality celebrity-authored content. Far from an empty tweet or generic social media post, Cereal Prize brings audiences a fresh take on their favorite blockbusters, comedy sketches and pop culture “Easter eggs”
Speaking of his earlier days before becoming a star, Grace stated, “I was such a fan of movies and TV, long before I had the chance to do it for a living. I wish I could go back in time and give my younger self this kind of an insider peek into Hollywood.”
more info: cerealprize