Last year the buzz from the Disney camp was all about Rebels, the new animated series that Disney would be creating to replace ‘Clone Wars’. While Disney is still pretty hush-hush on the project, a few details about the lead-in film were discussed today during the annual investors call.
The live-action Episode VII film that will kickoff the next Star Wars trilogy won’t be ready until December 2015, but today CEO Bob Iger revealed the game plan that will introduce ‘Rebels’ into the Disney Channel.
“As with Marvel, the rich universe of ‘Star Wars’ has tremendous creative potential for the entire company. While the world eagerly awaits ‘Episode VII’ to open in theaters, we’re introducing ‘Star Wars Rebels’ to television audiences this summer with a movie and a series of shorts on Disney Channel, followed by a continuing series on Disney XD”.
Iger went on to say, “Our success in building a robust pipeline of original ‘Star Wars’ content for various platforms will be an integral part of our long-term strategy to leverage the franchise across a variety of our businesses, from theme parks to consumer products.”
Disney has talked briefly about a new Inquisitor, a villain that reminds everyone of Darth Maul (shown above) who will be the protagonist in the series. We also know that this is the early stages of the rebels, between episode III and IV.
You can expect more information about casting and a firm release date when the production moves further along.