Microsoft readies Xbox One for its first major update with Titanfall inbound

Microsoft has shed some light on the first major update that is being released for the Xbox One. The update is scheduled to launch later next week, February 11, with another update planned just before the launch of the highly anticipated game ‘Titanfall’.
With the February 11 and March 4th dates locked in, Microsoft will be using the update-patches to tweak a few settings for the console. One major addition will be the ability to manage the storage space on the console, and yes the battery life indicator will return for customers that missed it (connected controllers, not wireless)
Keyboard functionality will come to the Xbox One via the February 11th update, as long as it is a USB keyboard, and of course the traditional stability and maintenance updates that come with regular patches are included as well.
There will be new features, not disclosed at this time, also included in the updates. With Titanfall inbound, the March 4th update is more multiplayer focused, improving the party structure and online gameplay as fans across the world prepare to launch Titanfall on March 11.
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