During last Sunday’s Super Bowl you probably saw a few million Tweets, photos, videos and updates as fans at the stadium kept in touch with everyone that wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets to the big game. What you didn’t hear about was bad coverage, or dropped calls, or problems getting online.
At MetLife Stadium while everyone was tweeting, texting, talking and more, an unprecedented volume of data was flooding Verizon Wireless’ Network during Super Bowl XLVIII. With data connection and volume records set around the stadium, starting as early as two hours before kickoff, the network was put to the ultimate test.
That’s just before the game, during the event Verizon Wireless handled record demand according to their reports, with more than 800% more data connections than during the busiest hour at last year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans.
During the halftime show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Verizon Wireless customers shattered records, using more data in MetLife stadium during a single hour than at any previous Super Bowl had in the past. The total Verizon Wireless customer data usage in-stadium on Super Bowl Sunday was more than 1.9 terabytes – the highest data usage ever seen at a Super Bowl.
It was an impressive achievement for the company one that went on mostly unnoticed, as these things do, when a network is behaving perfectly.
more details on the coverage at the event: verizon