The cast is getting finalizing and the new CBS series, which is a spinoff of the popular NCIS series, is looking to be fantastic. Now it has been confirmed that Zoe McLellan, form JAG, will co-star with the ever popular Scott Bakula as the studio goes to make the specie pilot episode.
Zoe-McEllen-InsertIt was confirmed earlier today that Scott would be taking the leading male-role for the new series, now Zoe McLellan is set to take the role of Special Agent Brody. We don’t know everything about the new series yet, but we do know that McLellan will be the rookie to the squad, having proved herself in other areas, she will be sent to the new location to learn the ropes.
Special Agent Brody has a secretive past, using the transfer to get away from past incidences and forget about what happened there. Fans still have a few more months of waiting before the premiere. The new series is set to start in the spring of 2014. There will be a two-part planted pilot planned to kickoff the series. The new New Orleans office will be the center of these investigations, but will handle activity throughout the tristate area.
Gary Glasberg is the NCIS show runner and will continue with this series as the EP along with star Mark Harmon. Scott Bakula will star as Special Agent Pride.