At this year’s Super Bowl, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 released a new teaser-trailer to get fans excited for the return of their favorite web-slinger. There have been quite a few trailers leading up to this one, and a few scenes that were shown before made it into the cut of the Super Bowl trailer.
There is a big tease in the trailer, one that is very important in the key moments of Spider-Man’s life, and it’s when Spidey (Andrew Garfield), and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) begin a terrifying fall to the ground. We won’t ruin the moment for you.

Now the studio has already said that the comic-book version of Stacy’s fate won’t be relived exactly in the movie (though they could be covering it up) and if you know the events then you know they are very dramatic. The second trailer is even longer, called “Enemies Unite?” it has everything that you would hope for when talking about Spider-Man villains in the next film.

All of the details will be released when the film hits theaters on July 3, 2014.