Jessica-Alba-InsertJessica Alba is making headlines, the popular actor has been chosen to take the lead in a new film ‘The Wright Girls,’ from Director Kevin Connolly. The film comes from the Highland Film Group, it has a talented scribe behind it as well, Bert V. Royal (Easy A) and the film is set to be shopped when the team attends the European Film Market in Berlin.
The film itself is based on a former Japanese film called ‘2LDK’. The story has two friends, starring on the same television series together, who are both being considered for the role of a lifetime in a new feature film. As you can imagine this drives a wedge in the relationship and the two are out-for-blood in no time at all.
Jessica will take the part of Kate or Vanessa in the film, should everything go according to plan the project will start filming in the spring of 2014.
Fans of Alba’s can expect to see a lot more of the actor, she will appear in Sin City: A Dame to Kill, expected to release late this Summer as well a slew of future projects that are wrapping up now, including ‘How to Make love like an Englishman,’ ‘Barely Lethal’ and Dear Eleanor’.