Over 5 million people use the subway as their primary transportation here in NYC, and Verizon Wireless is leading the charge to keep all of us connected while underground. With a new a new service put in place Verizon Wireless’ voice, 3G and 4G LTE data services will be available in 35 stations and platforms.
It was back in August 2013, that Verizon Wireless signed an agreement with Transit Wireless Network to bring its voice, 3G and 4G LTE data service to stations in the New York City subway system. And today, wireless access is available, and customers couldn’t be happier about it (myself included). Transit Wireless owns and operates the subway station wireless communications network and acts as a neutral host for extending a variety of services to NYC Transit Authority riders.
The addition of Verizon Wireless service to the Transit Wireless network allows millions more New Yorkers and visitors to stay in touch with friends and family while in subway stations and on platforms, but also provides the ability to dial 911 in an emergency. A critical security improvement, E911 allows dispatchers to know when a call is being placed from an underground platform and direct emergency personnel to the approximate location where the call was made.
more info: transit wireless